Chapter Proposals Call
ACIER Book Series vol. 2



Book Series Editorial Board

John Michopoulos

David Rosen

Chris Paredis

Judy Vance

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

Iowa State University


An additional team of technical editors who will be responsible for
specific thematic areas will also edit each volume of the series.


Series Objectives & Mission: This book series aims to capture advances in computers and information in engineering research.  The books will be published in both traditional and e-book forms. The contributions in this series are expected to also serve as tools that will enable engineers not only to read but also to experience the fruits of authors' research by providing software or animations or videos that will be hosted on our deployment web site of ACIER.

Audience: The intended audience is primarily the academic, governmental and industrial mechanical engineering and computational science communities interested in recent research advances as they relate to computational and information technologies associated with engineering design along with product and process development.

Thematic Content: The series will focus on advances in computational methods, algorithms, tools, and processes on the cutting edge of research and development as they have been reported during the last five annual CIE conferences.  The series will provide a resource for enhancing engineering practice by enabling the understanding and the application of evolving and emerging technologies that impact critical engineering issues related to the topics and themes under CIE’s technical committees' areas of interest (but not limited to) as shown in the table below:


Advanced Modeling and Simulation

Computer-Aided Product and Process Development

Systems Engineering, Information and Knowledge Management

Virtual Environments and Systems

Discretization Methods (Finite Element Analysis, Mesh-Free Methods etc.) Inverse Methods  Model Identification ▪ Symbolic Computing ▪ High Performance Computing Methods for Computational Metrology Computational Multiphysics  

CAD & Geometric Modeling Computer-Aided Manufacturing Collaborative and Concurrent Engineering Emotional Engineering Computer Aided Industrial Design Design Automation

Information Modeling and Exchange Product Lifecycle Management Knowledge-capture and reuse Business Process Design, Integration, Deployment and Management Systems Engineering

Augmented & Mixed Reality Systems Collaborative & Networked Virtual Environments VR in Product Conceptu-alization & Design Virtual Process Planning Virtual  Assembly & Maintenance  Haptic & Multi-touch Interaction


Important Dates

Manuscript proposal for book chapter (1-3 pages): February 28, 2017
Notification to authors of submitted chapters: April 15, 2017
First Draft of the chapters from authors: October 15, 2017
Reviews back to authors: January 30, 2018
Revised Chapters back from authors: February 28, 2018
Final notification to the authors: March 25, 2017
Final chapters from authors: April 15, 2018

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